Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter bunny is on his way!

Easter is coming!!!
Have you noticed the spring in the air?
I feel a bit like a cat .. well I am not planning to scream aloud in the yard at night - it would be too creepy, but I love the long walks in the middle of the day with my babyboy in the sling :) unfortunately the snow is gone here but temperature is somewhere around zero and sun is shining so inviting that even the plants and trees are beginning to wake up after the long sleep... that's definitely an upside for a spring :) I really love winter though .. So tomorrow we are going to the mountains! a week in Slovakia, mountains full of snow, snowboarding all day long ... it's gonna be legendary!!!

But before we leave I wanted to introduce you all with our Easter bunny! ;)
At first I wanted to make a nice basket for the colored eggs .. but with this yarn that would take up more time than it should so I made something like a bottle warmer for an Easter wine :)

In the background of this picture you can see our vintage wallpaper ..
It's a bit depressing because it's blue and ripped in some parts..
I hope we will get it changed soon :)

The scheme for bunny ->

The only problem with this is that the crochet stitches is not right on top of each other and after a while you might think that the bunny is kind of falling ... This happens because I am crocheting around the bottle not forward/backward..

and a short picture tutorial for color changing ;)
1st step 
you crochet with both yarns at te same time.. well not exactly but you crochet over the yarn you do not use at the moment so when the time comes to change the color it's right there!
2nd step
when you get to the point where you need to change the color .. start with previous stich. you will need to crochet it half way with old color and half way with new! this is how the next stich will get  the right colored "hat" ;)
3rd step
keep crocheting with the new color over the previously used yarn and you get a neatly changed colors!
4th step 
just keep on going and soon you will have a nice bunny! ;)

I hope that this will be an inspiration for your Easter decorations ;)
I did run out of time but if you try this please add bunny a tail - maybe a small fluffy pompom or a button?


  1. ohh that looks so good,will try it out some time as have a lot of projects on the go at the moment!have fun snowboarding.kerena

    1. Thank you :)
      and if you ever get to the bunny making please share - I would love to see!

  2. Anonymous18/4/13 10:10

    Nice idea! Simple and easy!!