Saturday, March 09, 2013

ZigZag infinity scarf

As you may have heard I love math!, but making this scarf I realized that I was having hard times with the basics .. such as counting! I blame the government!
This was the first time I ever knitted by reading the pattern in english .. but the problem for me was to count to 10 ... isn't this kind of funny?
As I see now I just need more knitting experience! because I have some places where there instead of ten stitches are nine or eleven .. and there are some problems with the row count as well, but nevertheless the infinity scarf looks wonderful and if I wouldn't have said anything about that counting no one would have noticed.. I hope :)

Pattern is called ten stich ZigZag and can be found on ravelry as free download. 
Have fun!

As I wanted an infinity scarf rather than another blanket, then I knitted long zigzag and instead of turning and going back I kept knitting forward using the other end of scarf as first "row"..

note to self: next time crocheting infinity scarf this way keep in mind that the first "row" should be way longer than intended scarf - after attaching the second "row" the scarf will shrink a bit ..

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  1. It looks so beautiful and I love the colors

    Have a great weekend!

    Lluisa x