Saturday, November 23, 2013

A or B ?

I am confused ...
I tried crocodile stitch once before and it worked out fine, but trying to make another baby booties (for another little princess that will soon join our family) repeating what I did before the boot top came out weird ...


And looking at boot top A I thought that I should just attach the top of each crocodile scale to the dc of previous row and make it neat... but it still looks weird - neat, but weird :D


SO the question is - do I make another A or B boot top?
I obviously can't make a matching pair using both :D

btw, in previous post I said I will take a break and make something that can't go wrong - HA! I suppose this happened to teach me lesson -> "don't be cocky" - you can't predict the future!


  1. Hi what I remember seeing of booty patterns I think they are loose so I'd say A hope this helps, I've always wanted to try this stitch but only found booty patterns to buy and I'd like to try it in strips to make a Christmas tree around a polostyreen cone shape (sorry about expelling) kerena

    1. thank you :)
      I think I will use the loose one first and then try something different for the neat one (I have an idea, I hope it will work)
      If you get the idea of circling the crocodile stitch you should be able to make the tree yourself ;) good luck!