Tuesday, November 05, 2013

misshaped granny square!

Anyone who has ever tried to make a blanket out of mismatched size squares will know my pain of weird spots where nothing seems to fit...
There's always a possibility to make about a million small squares or use a rectangle here and there .. eventually get a straight line for a bigger square and after a while start that same cycle again.
sometimes it can be fun but most of the times it just gets on my nerves..
- why I am telling you all of this?
- I have found another way to fill the gaps! ;)

Let's welcome the misshaped granny square in to the BigBrightBlanket family!

The trick for making a misshaped granny square is to figure out the length of a starting chain and thickness or the rounds necessary.

Inner corner will stay the same no matter how many rounds your granny square will have. This means that size of inner corner determines the length of starting chain.
  • x - length of inner corner (I am counting the holes or typical joining points of the simple granny square)
  • y - length of inner corner without the tip y=x-1
  • L - length - the chains needed for the beginning or middle!

here, the x=3 so the y=3-1=2 witch means L=|4*2-3|=5

so how many rounds you need?
the answer is simple!
shortest edge of the misshaped square (not counting the inner corner edges) minus one!

  • z - length of shortest edge (still counting the joining points)
  • T - thickness - rounds needed T=z-1

z=5 so T=5-1=4

so finally the scheme ->
this is the scheme for the first round
of misshaped square that is seen in the formula part
this is the scheme for the first round
of misshaped square that is seen in introduction part
I hope you understood my drawings :) and will be able to adjust the scheme for your own mismatched square ;)
If not - ask! I will try to answer as soon as I'll notice the question ...

Happy crafting!

p.s. sorry for the awful photos .. I hate autumn .. it's too darn gloomy ..