Wednesday, November 13, 2013


My baby boy had a perfect pair of pants that could be used in this weather as warm underpants unfortunately he worn them out crawling around the house almost a year ago (then they were a bit too big and now they barely fit) .. so I made him a new pair out of a stained T-shirt! It took me just 3 of his nap times to finish them..
Oliver in the new pants :)
and in background me and my baby bump ..
I made them a bit longer and wider than the original .. babies grow so fast!!!
and if you are interested here are some pictures of the progress ->

unstitched the old pants
chose the appropriate T-shirt
put the pant parts on the flattened T-shirt
luckily avoiding the stain
stitched the pants leg part
on both sides of T-shirt
cut out all the parts
and 3 days later they were ready to wear!
everything is wrinkled but I was
catching a rare visitor - the sunlight
so don't judge me too harshly :)
O, and I also replaced the thorn pant leg for the brown pants with a part from red T-shirt. So now my boy has two usable warm pants :) I am very pleased with myself.
and here are the brown/red pants :)
Oliver is just waking up from his nap so his hair
look even more curly and haotic than usual
Happy crafting! 

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