Wednesday, April 26, 2017

weekly planner

or how I am attempting to teach my kids the passing of time ...
so far everything that has ever happened has happened "yesterday" magical past time that stores all their previous life :P
and the future is as far as 5 minutes from now .. and even that is waaaaaaay toooooooo faaaaaar, noooooooone can survive those looooooooong minutes waiting till the tea is warm not hot ... next day or next week seems like a lifetime of waiting ...

۰•● ✿ ●•۰

and now
about a half year later since I wrote that ... not much has changed, BUT I have made the pocket planner I was dreaming of!

it is not being used as I had planned :D

Kids are sometimes hiding toys in the pockets and we have talked about mondays and tuesdays and all the other days, but I'm still not sure they get the idea of daily, weekly, monthly thing ...
for example: when they wake up after a nap (something they do in kindergarden or really really rare at home) they are convinced new day has begun and demand breakfast menu for afternoon snack ... and other kind of small stuff like that ...

I used 13 pairs of old jeans .. or pretty much just 21 backpockets from those old jeans ...
I made those letters myself (crocheted of course! :D some of the letter patterns are up in the blog already, others wait for writing inspiration to strike me)
yes, that wall has been stuck in "under construction" status for over a year now ... as it is upstairs corridor wall noone really cares - there are always something more pressing to fix when you live in an old house ...

sooo .. about sewing - I was trying to make it look as mismatched as possible but that did have side effects .. next time I would try to find similar size pockets and add some strips of jeans in between pockets to make sewing easier... now I sometimes had way toooo much fabric for my sewing machine to chew .. and first time ever I broke a needle! :o can you believe that! and about 20 cm before ending my sewing machine went on strike and started to bite the thread :D tried out everything I could imagine and finished sewing by hand ... this magically ended after two months of standing still in the cupboard .. maybe she got bored or something? :P

does every sewing machine have a character of her own? does yours?

O, about the weekly planners plan!
I thought that the middle week would be the one we live in right now and the top one would be last week and the bottom one would be the next one. I thought I would put old photos of things we usually do on particular day in that days pocket .. but that didn't go as planned, because if we were planning to visit someone next Saturday I would have to use a photo from previous visit ... so it somehow got too confusing for them and we skipped all that :D
maybe I'll try this again tomorrow and this time they will get what I'm trying to tell them?
(as my hubby says: "close your eyes when you're dreaming!")

Happy crafting ;)


  1. Kalendārs ar pārbīdāmo datuma atzīmi ir baigi ok :) Tajā ir atzīmētas dzimšanas, vārda dienas un citi svarīgi notikumi kā gājiens uz teātri, koncerts bd utml. Katru rītu K pats pārbīda uz nākošo dienu(nu labi dažreiz sakrājas un ir jāveic garāka pārbīde). Tad attiecīgi pats var izskaitīt, cik dienas vēl jāiet uz bd, cik dienas atlikušas līdz tam un tam.

    1. es protu sarežģīt lietas :D
      starpcitu kopš uzrakstīju šito rakstiņu Olī beidzot ir parādījusies īsta interese par kalendāru dienām un laika plūdumu :) bieži izrunājam, kas šodien pa dienu, pēc cik dienām kko darīsim, citreiz pietiek pat uz pirkstiem parādīt, citreiz ejam pie kalendāra (parastā gan, bet man vienalga prieks :) )