Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Random rambling: Cosy living

So far I have been apartment person ... I have lived in quite a few apartments I have loved and called my home ..
Now that we have been living in our new old house about 3 months now I can honestly say - I am a house person ... and we all are hopeful to be able to stay here throughout the winter as well. (heating might be a problem)

For those of you who have not visited us here I'll draw a picture of our current home: the house has been built in late 18 hundreds. It is (pretty much ancient) log house, that has been upgraded by a layer of bricks, plaster and stuff ... so from outside it looks pretty much like any other house around here just a bit smaller.. no one has lived in here for about 20 years. and most of the decorating is much more older than that ... heating is managed by firewood stove and there are no central heating whatsoever! (this is reason why we still keep our apartment on hold to be able to run back at any time if we are about to freeze here)
We have spent all summer doing all kind of stuff to make it livable again. Cleaning it from all the junk that has been stored here for god only knows what reason .. kicking down walls .. cleaning!!! (our own mess and the places that have not seen water and sponge for eternity) ... rearranging stuff to fit our lifestyle ... we have "corked up" the most visible holes ... poisoned quite a few rats and mouses ... chopped our own firewood (!), stored it .. grown and caned our own tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouse ... and a lot more! fortunately we have had the time to do all of that :)

So finally about the cosy living ... I have never felt better than now ! (even though we're living in an unfit house there is nothing we can't fix) and all the extras i miss (spacious closets, dishwasher, central heating) are so unimportant compared to the real benefits: most of all I love the fact that 3 steps away from my comfy couch is outdoors - kids can play in fresh air whenever they feel like it. so simple!

simple and cosy!
with determination to better ourselves and space around us :)

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