Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Random Rambling: Little tricksters are growing!

Five more minutes!
Sam's way of bargaining for anything :D
Sam 2&half

Just two bites!
First milk, no carrots, only potatoes ..
Oli's way of bargaining for sweets ... when he promises to eat some amount of real food in exchange for sweets ... he starts this without even knowing if there is something sweet planned after the meal :D
But I am smart enough to tell him that in this case he will have only some part of that particular dessert afterwards .. sometimes that works better than expected and he eats an extra meatball :P
Oli 5min till 5

Mommy is mine, Daddy is yours.
This is a way for them to divide their domains. They are dividing everything! :D parents, cousins, friends, cartoons, music :D
Of course it works only till the other one gets offered something better... for both of them dealbreaker is that the other ones parent is taking them somewhere even if it is something really booooooooring :D
Both (Sam 3 and Oli 5min till 5)

You are not my friend! Only daddy is my friend!
Oli's way of resisting something that must be done... like cleaning teeth, dressing himself ... of course when I am home alone he burns off his anger and has to do that somethin' somethin' .. fun part starts when daddy is home and he yells this to me, goes to dad .. gets the same reaction from him, has to come back to me :D 
Oli 4&half

I want THOSE shoes!
Sam is sooooooooooooo particular about the things she wants to wear, I can only try to trick her to choose something matching or fitting .. because if she makes her mind it won't metter if that particular thing is clean, has dried yet or goes well with other clothes she has picked .. and today is the second day she is running around with skirt that is tooooooo big for her and has to be pulled up after each step :D but can't you see mummy its beautiful! black and with colorful hearts and ... :D (I shoud go to the store and buy her 101st shirt that would fit her ... as a girl she obviously LOVES new things! thought that doesn't really feels like I've tricked her, more like she tricked me ...)
Sam 3 

P.S. first trickster post here :)

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