Thursday, May 18, 2017

Girly Blanket

I made this Girly blanket for my adorable little niece to nap under and her mumma so she knows we love her too ;)

Links of inspiration (for the doilies):
check out my projects on ravelry
Mathilde (ravelry)

Elise (ravelry) - as it is a blanket for tiny baby I freeform filled all the big original holes so that the baby doesn't get caught in a blanket :P

Rhiannon (ravelry)

Siobhan (ravelry)

Bougainvillea (ravelry)

Textured motif 4039 (ravelry)

Mini cluster doily (ravelry) - just first few rows because I needed that cute flower  to fill smaller gaps :)

Lacy clover (ravelry)

there was one I made from pinterest

and there are few small motifs from instagram feed (heart, flower and star)


But joining is freeform, made using not so stretchy background blanket and a lot of safety-pins just to hold them in their approximate places while I join ..

Happy Crafting!

P.S. first time I made a blanket of doilies like this I called it Rustic Chic blanket and it was in one color ... for the next time I try this out - do you think it should be in one colour or colorfull? because I will there are just tooo many lovely doilies to try out I won't be able to resist long :D (maybe a rainbow themed thing or cyan)

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