Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rustic Chic Blanket

Now when Rustic Chic Blanket is finally at its new home I will share the story here too :)

It all started with an idea like everything does!
And then across the virtual world spiked the first motif from talented Kate (you probably heard of her SignedWithAnOwl) that got the avalanche going :)
Then I made a pineapple heart .. and thought to myself how could they possibly be ever joined together properly ... but I wasn't ready to give up so next doily I chose to make was much bigger ... very much bigger ... and then I pretty much tried almost every lacy pattern I had ever liked or come across while hung up on on this blanket ... and during all the doily madness i just got brave enough to improvise the joining of the doilies and it was great when I had muse watching over my shoulder but most of the time it was pain in the ● ... and a lot of frogging ... and there still are some parts I think I could or maybe even should do better but then again - when I am not as picky as most of the time it looks just great :)

and I know for sure I will make more of this type of blankets, because they do look chic, they are surprisingly warm and I already have picked the yarn for the next one .. altough I might change my mind till I'll get to the yarn store (I tend to do so :D) ..

progress as seen on instagram :)

and a few closeup pics of finished blanket :)

❀ ❀ ❀

Links of inspiration:

Some of the doily patterns that I found on ravelry:
Patterns I just happened to come by:
there should be more, but I obviously prefer ravelry for pattern searching ... or maybe I forget something I did (ravelry has it's way to remind yourself what you've been up to) ;)

❀ ❀ ❀

And also - I bought a blue ikea plaid and a lot of safety pins to get the doilies in right places .. and more important - not to loose the right places when throwing it aside .. (which happens quite a lot in a household with 2 small children)

I am very pleased how this thing turned out :)

❀ ❀ ❀

Happy crafting! ;)

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