Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fun&Fancy pillowcase :)

You better believe it!
I have managed to finish this beauty while playing around with 3 kids 24/7 (oh yes - nights are pretty busy over here still - fun fact - most of the nightly activity comes from the big kids - who would have thought that baby in her 2 months could sleep better then 3&5 year olds combined! :D )

I am loving these totally different looks of my new pillowcase I can (and will) showcase the fun part of rainbowish solid granny diamond during the playtime with my kiddos and will change it to the fancy HexATile side when my girlfriends come to visit ... o, yes :)

Otto is trying to jump on and take a nap on SolidGrannyDiamond side ...
he wasn't lucky today, I'm not ready to share this pillow with him yet :)

and the fancy HexATile side in all it's glory :)

Both sides just so you know I have actually joined them :D and this is how Sam put it in the middle of the room to be her horse .. that was a fun moment :D
unfortunately that gloomy time of year has come when I get ZERO sunshine in my home, so pretty much all of the pictures I take inside looks colorless and murky ...
But outside even the gloomy days seem brighter probably because of the leaves ...

I am sooooooooo happy I finished that HexATile side :)
(I have revisited and revised the previous post adding some more pictures and information ;) if you wanted to make your own HexATile maybe now it will find it easier)

I did most of the joining at night so only one bad picture of this fun activity :)

Oh ...
well ...
just so you know ...
I left all those gazzillion yarn ends untouched ..
just because I tought it would be better to finish it now not 10 years later :P yes, yes, there are still some unweaved ends on my BigBrightBlanket >:) but who cares!

I pushed the chair all over the house to find a spot of light for the cushion so when I finaly got to taking pictures kids wanted to join in the fun ... we got a bit distracted goofing around and the light was gone from there as well so no solo pics of our new cushion >:D

Happy crafting!

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