Saturday, September 23, 2017

pattern release: Solid granny diamond ♦

do you remember the granny diamond and long granny diamond ?
now their little sister has arrived! ;)

You can buy the pattern on etsy or ravelry :)
(took me about a year to finish writing it up because after 3 finished diamond blankets I just wanted to make something entirely different .. not that i did crochetwise .. well I did "make" a tiny human, but that's a different story :D maybe for some other time besides the fireplace with tea and cookies ..)

now I am finally ready for moooooooore diamonds ;)
Finished up those pieces and wrote a pattern - so proud of myself :)) pattern includes instructions for more rows (like the left side project that should become a jacket some time soon, scheme I plan to use for the jacket also included in the pattern pdf), but you can always choose to crochet just first two rounds of each piece like I did for my still unfinished pillowcase I call shattered rainbow on the right ... (I could blame the kids, but that would be soooo unfair because they are on their best behaviour lately)

some more pictures to come ..
I loved the arrangement possibilities of these shapes and I have even counted that 3 row diamonds long side would fit 4 round square (or diamonds short side) precisely .. so now I'm thinking skirt! but if I have any sense left in that crafty brain of mine I will make a skirt for one of my girls not myself ...  :D

I hope you like this happy rainbow mesh and will try it out your way (color & arrangement wise) :)
I would love to see your works on instagram or ravelry :) o, and now on facebook as well ;) just tag #solidGrannyDiamond and lets meet online ;)

You can buy the pattern on etsy or ravelry :)
(btw, till the end of september i am running a sale - no cupone code needed!)

Happy crafting!

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