Thursday, February 02, 2017

Hex A Tile! ;P

One fun day over at the instagram we where droooling over tiles ... and I just happened to have few hexagons so I HAD to try it out!

First thing I thought that the easiest way to make this would be plain hexies (probably with first round black) joined with black and then when it looked way too much like a simple honeycomb blanket one would crochet sl st over it in rows so it would makes it come to life ...
BUT when I saw the real hexies and started joining them in my mind I soon discovered that I the best way is to make plain hexies (no need for first round in different colour) and then join them as if using ruler :)

I have used 6 row hexagons but any other size would do as well (as I have mentioned before I just happened to have these "lying around" :P )

Then I started joining:

  • slipstitched them together by taking back loops from both hexagons

  •  and when working over hexagon I made 2 ch over the holes and 1 sl st over ch stitches of each row (in the middle there where 2 sl st together)

Pretty much the same while joining all different hexagon sides

When that was done came the "cut in half" part:
so i found the middle of a hexagon side and started with working sl st in the middle (over the joining part of two dc), then 1 ch and sl st over the joining part of other hexagon dc's ... (it was tricky but I managed 2 sl st one by one over the middle)

I am unable to finish this lovely thing* at the moment because I just don't have enough hexies ... and I can't place myself near decent yarn shop any time soon so I am sharing this piece of valuable information anyway ;)

"thing" because I am still debating with myself weather this should be a blanket or a pillowcase..

Here comes the new and improved pictures - altough as I read through what I had written already half year ago I think I had covered everything that should have been said ...

I worked the "ruler" style and here I noticed and realised I am making unforgivable amount of yarnends .. yet I still went on because I loved how it looked and changed from stripes, to rhombs, to triangles ... 

This is where I stopped and started working more randomly .. as it might seem .. but I just eliminated few yarnends by picking next line to crochet from the point I had finished the last one ..

of course in the end I chose to finish it just hiding not weaving in those yarn ends so it didn't make that much of a difference for me ...

Hope you'll find this usefull :)

Happy crafting ;) 


  1. Simply stunning and way to go on thinking "outside the box" and making something that looks so complex but in reality is really not that complicated when its all broken down!

  2. Abigayle4/2/21 15:48

    I found this page when I was planning a blanket inspired by stained glass. This technique was exactly what I wanted. Thanks for sharing!! The blanket turned out great, you can check it out on my ravelry page here: