Thursday, February 02, 2017

Hex A Tile! ;P

One fun day over at the instagram we where droooling over tiles ... and I just happened to have few hexagons so I HAD to try it out!

First thing I thought that the easiest way to make this would be plain hexies (probably with first round black) joined with black and then when it looked way too much like a simple honeycomb blanket one would crochet sl st over it in rows so it would makes it come to life ...
BUT when I saw the real hexies and started joining them in my mind I soon discovered that I the best way is to make plain hexies (no need for first round in different colour) and then join them as if using ruler :)

I have used 6 row hexagons but any other size would do as well (as I have mentioned before I just happened to have these "lying around" :P )

Then I started joining:

  • slipstitched them together by taking back loops from both hexagons

  •  and when working over hexagon I made 3 ch over the holes and 1 sl st over ch stitches of each row (in the middle there where 2 sl st together)

Pretty much the same while joining all different hexagon sides

When that was done came the "cut in half" part:
so i found the middle of a hexagon side and started with working sl st in the middle (over the joining part of two dc), then 2 ch and sl st over the joining part of other hexagon dc's ... (it was tricky but I managed 2 sl st one by one over the middle)

I am unable to finish this lovely thing* at the moment because I just don't have enough hexies ... and I can't place myself near decent yarn shop any time soon so I am sharing this piece of valuable information anyway ;)

"thing" because I am still debating with myself weather this should be a blanket or a pillowcase..

Happy crafting ;) 

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