Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Testing new things :)

This is the test piece of how the Blanket of the Waves will look like. I'm not showing you sides yet because well .. they suck :P

Ok, actually just one side is totally unusable.

Top and bottom comes flat on their own. The trick is with the sides. Tough one that starts to form first forms rather straight easily (as you can see I get better and better with time and practice :P)

The other side is trickier than that ...
I thought I was doing a fine job and then I lied it flat on the floor and started laughing :D
the side was straight all right but it didn't form that necessary 90 degrees angle!

 SO I have learned few things:

  • I must be more careful when adjusting the reduction;
  • I have to crochet quite a few stitches together at the rows end;
  • Last but not least, I should make those together stitches before the last stitch of the row so that the row would not unwind too easily :) 
Technically this is not something entirely new .. last year I made Wavy Bunting using same waves :)

Happy Crafting ;)

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