Friday, December 02, 2016

Cheesy potato pie

A fancy way to heat up leftower boiled potatoes :P

I usually boil more potatoes than we would need for one meal, because then I am half ready for next one :P

This time thought I won't just heat them to eat with sauce or cook with scrambled eggs and cheese - let's make it look good - so I made a pie ;)
I love pies !
... It's probably the reason why I seem to be unable to shake off those 10 extra kilos I am carrying around ...

So me and Sam made a cheesy potato pie for dinner today :)

And it was so simple, took me 10 min to prepare (only because I decided to grate the cheese - good decision btw!)
soooo I used about 70g of cheese, all 200g of cream cheese (dzintars) and all the leftover potatoes from my fridge :P
mixed it all together and filling was ready.
Then whipped up shortcrust pastry in no time - finally know the recipe by heart - and my lovely assistant Sam helped me to measure the flour :)

And put it all to bake for 35min at approximately 200C :)

That's it and who doesn't love cheesy things? :P
Simple, pretty much the same buuuuut loooks sooooo much coooler ;)

And here is my lovely assistant and our pie ;)

Happy cooking!
Happy taste buds ;)

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