Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring sweater

Hi and hello! ;)
My spring sweater is ready to rock this world!

As you might guess it's freezing outside! (-1C to be precise) so I ran out, snapped few photos and ran back in (thank god and my husband for hot fireplace in the kitchen) :)
It's gonna be about a month till +10C and real opportunity to show this beauty outside tough ...

This is the yarn that jumpstarted my spring ;)

And here I have started my granny style spring sweater ..
In the begging there were looooooong chain and huge hole for the head :P when I felt like shoulders are covered I folded this square and started working in rounds.

Loads more pictures to come ;)

It's always fun to work with variegated yarn :)

Sleeve tested my patience ...
This is fifth and final try for this sleeve angle (have no clue how to name it otherwise so I'm sticking with it). when I started this sweater I thought I would make the sleeve in 90degrees and that's that. but it folded sooooo terribly in my armpit that I couldn't leave it like that .. soooo I made 7 halfrows to make it look good :)

Repeating the same angle on other hand was soo much easier than coming up with it the first place ...

Yarn ends would have driven me crazy but fortunately I managed to weave them all in during my 3day vacation from family (first in 5 years!) :)
My crafty ladies are the best!!! we went to Vilnius and had a great time :)

It looked so much better on the green background ... but still - very happy how this turned out :) and in the actual spring there will be green background everywhere not just my old garage door :D

If you have read this far and were wondering - Yes, I am pregnant! baby nr3 is half way done ;)
And I have already checked - sweater stretches! so it should fit me till summer comes .. :D

Happy crafting!

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