Saturday, March 25, 2017

Scrappy Rug

Second scrappy rug is growing I have now made 9 squares using bits and pieces working c2c (corner to corner).
Squares are 13x13 pixels small (or big). I have no idea why i chose devil's dozen...
I am using hook nr 4 and 2 strands of leftover yarn bits in DK (this is mainly for myself so I do not forget whitch crochethook to take when returning to the rug), hook is probably smaller than would be needed for that thickness of yarn, but as it is not supposed to be blanket but it is gonna be rug it should be more firm than squishy ;)

Few more pics ...

this was first of the hearts blocks just because "plain" crazycolour c2c seemed too boring at one point..

Haven't decided how I will join them, but that is tomorrows problem :P
Happy crafting ;)

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