Thursday, November 27, 2014

Autumny* cowl

* just because of the colors and I'm planning to wear it on winter and spring too :)

The best thing about the autumn is its colors, but they end way too quickly, and then we are left in the darkness for quite a while just waiting for the bright white snow. To prolong the colors and the joy I made a fast cowl (took me just 2 evenings).

You want to know how my Autumny cowl began?

I saw a beautiful scarf being made in progress shots of @crochmyheart instagram feed. and thought that I should make one too. then I showed the pictures to my friend and she found a pattern somewhere and printed me a copy too, so that was it and we both made scarfs and were happy. when I finally got to the blogging and bragging about it I thought I should share at least a link to the original pattern so I started looking .. and I knew I should find something because my friend had already done that. through pinterest I found yet another great example of that shawl which led me to a ravelry pattern of this scarf .. and it took me less than 5 min.
I love technologies!!!

Pattern is simple and looks great, although I did tweak it a bit (I do tend to do so) for one because I made a cowl not a scarf and second because I reinvented the wheel and changed some chain counts to work better for me than the original pattern (as it turned out I had actually used a pattern from ravelry not knowing about it :D)

Happy crafting!
and stay out of the rain ☂

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