Saturday, December 24, 2011

Artificial snowflake

Usually around this time ewerything around is white, cowered in snow, but his year winter is unusually warm - no snow for us jet (well 2 days before Ventspils was cowered in snow, but this morning it started to rain and everything melted) .. Newertheless this is a joyfull and quiet time of year .. we baked gingerbread and many more aromatic yum-yum' s, decorated the house and tree (a werry small one this year), helped Santa' s gnomes with giftwrapping (I think I enyojed this part the most) ..
and now I am crocheting a snowflake .. just to be able to sit still for a while :)
I thought of this a while ago, but finnaly found the time for crocheting ..

I found this crocheting scheme here.
it is a russian site, but I think you don't need to know any russian to find a crocheting scheme there for your next masterpiece ;)

When I went into the shop to buy some yarn for my snowfalke I couldn't stop looking at orange colours so - this jear my snowflake is going to be bright orange :) (I would like to say snowflakes but I already know that this year there will be just one, majbe next jear I will start to prepare earlier and then there will be more hopefully white)
And this is how it looks in my window ->
I made some minor alterations in the scheme and will probably tell you about them later, but now we are off to church for some corrals..
Merry Xmas and a happy NY to all of you! ;)

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  1. So, about the alterations.. In last row instead of double crochet i did single crochet to make it look more fragile :)
    (and the reason I did't tell you this when I originally posted is because I had no clue how to call those stitches and had no more time to look them up)