Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fast Fancy Scarf

I am making Christmas presents - the scarf you see in picture is for my cousin, I have already made one for myself and I will make one for my mom too :)
If you like this scarf - keep reading!
(sorry for bad picture .. me and my Iphone, well we had some misunderstandings today)

And here it comes - my first "tutorial" for a scarf :)

1st step
you have to buy a special kind of yarn .. more like a tread-lace.
This one is 100% Acrylic. Clew weights 50g and yarn is about 18m (you will probably need two)

2nd step
crochet 8 loops (choose one side of the yarn and take each arch for a loop) *
3rd step
now pick up one side of each loop and you will have 9 stitches
4th step
start knitting ;)
I prefer knit stitching, but It wont make any difference in the end if you choose to purl stitch. (so take each arch for knitting new stich as you already did in 2nd step when chrocheting cast on)
5th step 
keep on going!
and then about 2 hours later...
6th step
you will need to take next clew and hook them up. I just took and overlapped those yarns for about 5 arches (now instead of taking one arch you take two, one of each yarn) ... *

7th step
don't forget that you have two yarns for one stich now... after that it gets almost boring but - keep on going! ;)
and after two more hours ...
8th step
and now the last part you just need to cast off a stitch. *
then put the end of the yarn through last stich and make a knot with some of the other free radicals to keep the scarf together ...

* tricky part in steps 2,  6 and 8 is to get rid of yarn endings.. here instead of just using arches from one side of the yarn i used some from the edge too.

and now you can go out and show off your newest creation ;)

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