Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today I managed to destroy my slippers on a nail (actually they were cute short socks, because I tend to loose "normal" slippers all around the house)... Then I remembered that as a kid I had wonderful crocheted slippers so I started to crochet myself a new pair of slippers :)
It took me a bit more than 4 hours. 4 hours - OMG! I am so slow...
and this is how they turned out ->
Well ... I ran out of the yarn in the middle of the second slipper so I I found matching colors a and kept on going. The first one looks a bit gloomy but the second one brightens the scene. I am still thinking weather I should redo the first one or not ... right now they feel so cosy on my feet, that I just might leave them as they are .. :)
Next time I will be smarter and crochet with more colors from the beginning :)

I think that for my new home (I am moving to another city pretty soon) I want to have a slipper-box for guests. So when I'll start to fill my slipper-box I will tell you in details how to make this kind of slippers ;)


  1. Congratulations, you are a winner in my giveaway!! Could you please email me your address, and a some of your favorite colors so I can personalize your gift a little bit? Thanks! :)

    1. thankyouSOmuch!!! :))
      this is so exciting!

      p.s. I sent you an email yesterday .. well at least for me ir was yesterday although it was a bit after midnight .. :)