Saturday, February 04, 2012

Flower power!

When I saw this block I think I fell in love instantly but unfortunately this was too hard to figure out on my own so when I saw this one (with instructions) I knew that this is THE moment! I am gonna make my own!!! :)

tryout #1
I couldn't exactly understand steps after 9 but then I looked closely to the picture of Kates finished block and thought to myself - this is the easy part - you can do it on your own!
and this is how far I got until I realized ->
can you see what's wrong with my flower?
instead of 8 petals I had crocheted 9 ...
as I saw that even 9 petals barely make flat surface, I figured that I am going to make a circle around it and then try to make it in to a square, but it's gonna look a lot different than It was supposed to, so I started another one and left this one for later.

tryout #2
for the middle I took a bit thinner yarn than for flower petals and I made the middle part a bit smaller than supposed... and really tried not to make the same mistake with 9 petals :)
and woala! doesn't it look amazing?

1 comment:

  1. They look great!!!!!! For the first one with nine petals, if all else fails, I bet it could be a really pretty potholder! I love your colors!