Monday, February 06, 2012

keep the butterflies floating!

I will have to admit I can't follow through a written tutorial ... I get mixed up and have to invent the bicycle myself ... nevertheless I have created a wonderful butterfly trying to follow this tutorial.
- why on earth I needed/wanted to crochet a butterfly?
- because tomorrow we will have to sign a guestbook for newlyweds and this seemed like the best way how to make the entry special :)

I think I have chosen words too:
There is just one rule in marriage - keep the butterflies floating!!! 

p.s. today I saw my little boy in USG picture, he was sitting in lotus pose, getting ready to come out.. now I know how he can manage to kick me in both sides of my belly at the same time. and I saw him in a dream so now I know he will have green eyes just like his daddy. This is what made today a very very special day :)


  1. That butterfly is beautiful, and I love your quote for the guestbook!

    And you're having a baby!? Congratulations, how exciting!

    1. thanks :)
      and yes - I am having a baby (he should be here in the beginning of april) .. and it is very exciting!!!