Friday, May 30, 2014

Random rambling: Time

Introducing new thing around here - Random rambling.

As the name suggests it really will be about random stuff that bothers me or makes me think about life in general or my kids, future, politics, my fears and everything else that's good or badly wrong in world at the time I find the time for checking out the virtual reality...
So this will be a place for me to vent.

Do not read further if you are here for crafty advice/inspiration.. there will probably be none in this post :D
So today while looking at my baby girl rolling around in her play corner (she learned rolling just yesterday - BIG step!) I painfully realized that I am getting old ... I mean I have lived about half of my years, if I am lucky then this is less than half, but no one ever knows ...
I would like to live happy, healthy, long life till at least 80 (who wouldn't?) .. my great-grandmother lived till 94 - she was awesome! I have just one grandmother left, she is now 85 and healthy as a horse :D her attitude to life is inspiring, I hope I am at least half as positive as she is :) all the other grandparents weren't so lucky, their time ran out somewhere around 75 ...
- You know why time flies faster as you get older?
- Because you are smart enough to understand that you will run out of it quite soon .. and as you get older you have less time left ..
We are born and spend our childhood with no or very small awareness of the fact that there is time.. we live carelessly in the moment we have been given (I think this is why kids try to wake themselves up when they are tired and should be napping).
When we get older (and wiser?) we are forced to admit that there is such a thing as time .. and at one point in life we do have to painfully admit that our time here is limited.. and the longer we live, the less we have left and then when you realize it - it flies by even faster...

This is what brings me to the question -

What have I really done in the time I have been given?
Why the hell I don't remember my past lives? if we all truly are souls that have visited earth lot of times and will continue to do so we should be smarter and a lot more informed.. so why the hell people are so stupid? (this is about all the hatred and wars all around the world)

I suppose the key of enjoying the life would be not to think about such a depressing thing as the limitations of time and limitations overall... but today I just can't not to think of time flying by with the speed of light ... and I can't stop it, I can only watch as it flies by and enjoy the precious moments it gives ..

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