Sunday, June 01, 2014

Remake: The lamp!

I remade the lamp in our bedroom just because I got tired of the old one.
And when I found a frame in our garden house that looked just like the one I had used previously I took it as a sign that I should really do it.

And you know what?
In two years we still haven't hidden the wires .. it is quite sad and hilarious at the same time.

Nevertheless this is our new lamp!

Rather simple to make and looks great :)
even in daylight from underneath it ..

And here is a process photo just in case you were wondering ;)
I crocheted around the framework and weaved "in" the ends ;D

And while I was at it I made a substitute lampshade for living room too :)
It is sort of a joke but I know for sure that as everything temporary it will be here for a while ...
We did finish redecorating our living room a while ago, but it still needs some finishing touches one of them - lampshade! so far we had just those two economy lights hanging from ceiling.

And yes it is supposed to hang askew ;)
It's to remind me to buy or make a proper lampshade. Although the more I think of it the more I like it. It perfectly represents my attitude towards everything. It looks quite lost and totally out of place jet it is in our room colors and kind of fits in our light room with dark brown furniture and light blue accented curtains ...

Happy crafting! ;)

P.S. Maybe you have some tips how I could hide those hideous wires?

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