Friday, June 06, 2014

Cake in the MUG

Original recipe and inspiration.
I loved the idea, but the header smelled of despiration no matter what they say. First time I tried to make one it it tasted like that too... but I loved the idea of cake in 4 minutes too much so I kept improvising.. One cake a day ... what a lovely month!
Some days it tasted like a little piece of heaven and some days I thought about throwing it away ...
After way too many cakes in the quiet afternoon tee time ... I found the PERFECT cake in the MUG recipe!
ingredients: banana, egg, curd, flour, honey
Take 2 mugs! - this is the most important alteration! and all the recipes in original link are probably just fine, but it will still be a desperate way to cheer yourself up by making a fast microvave cake... so make a fast cake for you and your friend/husband/wife/kid/.. ;)
3 tbsp flour
1 egg
100g curd
1 average sized banana
1 tbsp honey

for the top:
2 times 3 tbsp of your favourite ice-cream

  1. mix all the ingredients together
  2. split into two cups 
  3. microvave both together for 4min in 800W (the cake will puff up in microwave and then deflate when you'll take it out so no worries there will be space in mug left for ice cream too)
  4. then I top one cake with vanilla ice-cream and the other one with chocolate flavored one and it's a moment for me and my sweet tooth ;D (I would have loved to say for me and hubby, but he looked at the cake and said that it doesn't look appealing ... well in MUGcakes defense I have the sweet tooth for both of us - he prefers meet and real food. besides we were having real cake next day with way too many candles in it)
split in 2 mugs, bake, top with ice-cream
btw - It tastes better while still hot so be prepared to eat fast! ;D
and yes - in my household cake in the MUG will stay as a desperation cake .. and the saddest part is that I can actually manage to eat both of them ...


speaking of cakes - today I had my birthday (this might be second reason for that random rambling the other day) and it was truly awesome day! So I just had to brag ...

My hubby gave me the perfect gift.
I spent two hours weaving my own amber scarf. I managed 50cm in two hours and I am going back there monday (just so you know - experienced weavers can make full scarf 2 and something meters in that time). The fun part - he didn't tell me where I am going and what I should expect so I found out that I am going to weave the amber scarf just when I entered their whereabouts :D I was thrilled but hungry, because I kind of thought that we would have fancy brunch or something and skipped the breakfast...
Other half of the day I spent playing with the second present he gave me - iPhone 4s - I'll be able to post some pictures on instagram now and use all the other apps that was impossible with my old iPhone...

My hubby knows me well :)
this is going to be tough to beat .. and I really should do something nice for him soon.

Off to bed now. Sweet dreams ;)

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