Friday, June 13, 2014

Random rambling: Food

I have recently rejoined caloriecount to observe the things I eat and are they any good for me and my goal to loose few kilos ... and man! I knew I had a sweet tooth but OMG! if I am being my usual "IeateverythingIsee" self, then more than a half of my daily calorie intake consist of sugars and sweet things!!!
I will keep on blabbing here about my latest obsession of food logging and goals in this direction for future self... so better go on crochet something ;)
In a month I have done this there has been just ONE day my protein intake was good not too low and I think all days had way too many carbs ...
This is what inspired me to try to make the cake in the MUG recipe as healthy, sugar free but still sweet and tasty :)
In the process of logging my meals I have lost 2 kilos already! yay!
And thats just because I have been too ashamed to log all the chocolate I eat normally so I tried not to eat it at all.. coudn't live 2 days without sweets though! :D thankfully where able do reduce the amounts a little :)

I have noticed that most of a junk food I eat is during the afternoon when I am too tired and no one is there to see all the consumption of sweets ... the days when I manage to plan anything outside home for afternoon seems to be great calorie vise :)

I would love to loose 6 more kilos ..
But the ULTIMATE goal:
Eat healthy even when no one is watching! This includes finding heathy foods all family can enjoy.

And Oli has a sweet tooth of his own .. last saturday He ate only chocolate and sweet related things... usually he loves the potato/meat/cheese pie but not that day.. all would be well if he would have agreed to eat something remotely healthy but nooooo, he insisted on kakakakao* (his way of saying hot chocolate which is quite funny. latvians will get the joke here) screaming bloody murder ... lately he eats few teaspoons of sweetened cocoa before it reaches the glass of milk ... reminds me of myself when I was a kid ...
Of course there are better days when he eats some vegetables too, but those are pretty rare. This is one thing I like about kindergarden - he eats everything there! and they have very little if any sweets so he is kind of stuck with casserole, soups and everything else they give him.

Hopefully Oli's sweet tooth is smaller than mine ... and his dad at some point will bring him to his senses and show him all kind of weird foods I could never enjoy. (I know never say never but really never! chicken stomach gravy is just the first that comes to mind but there are more ... much more)

We will be visiting my parents for two upcoming weeks in a sort of vacation and I am wondering what will happen with our eating habbits and with my weight ... we'll see :)

enjoy the summer solstice and upcoming festivities ;)

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