Sunday, August 10, 2014

Random rambling: Sleep

I have been a bit sleep deprived lately and I can't say that before kids it was much better .. because going to sleep early always seemed such a waste of time ..
I wonder why?

Well it was a bit better - I could afford to sleep just 5 hours some nights and then enjoy longer 10 or 12 hour undisturbed night sleep occasionally .. now my two little angels are playing tricks and it doesn't seem possible in the near future ..

Few years ago I heard there are some other sleeping patterns than the most used 8h night in every 24 hours ... but I discarded it then because it seemed hard to implement .. but now living with average 6h of disturbed sleep daily it seems rather intriguing to sleep even less but feel better...

More about the daily plan so far and the upgraded plan for the future .. if not interested please return to your own precious daily hours ;)

So far on really good days I get to sleep 7and a half hours .. and even that is WAY too little for me.
In a very bad day my night ends after 4or5 hours of sleep or two times of sleep of about 3 hours and 2hours of very disjointed sleep .. little one goes to sleep around ten but Oli stays up till midnight, and I have to wake up whenever Sam thinks she would love to have a middleofnight snack. I always go to sleep praying she will sleep at least till 5 but there have been nights when she wakes 10 minutes after I fall asleep ... thankfully she usually eats fast and sleeps for another 2h at least.

Nevertheless all I can think about all day long is when would I get to sleep some more .. what could I do not to fall asleep in the pile of legos .. how to keep calm when every little stupid thing seems to annoy me more than it should ..

Very helpful blogpost about alternative sleep patterns that said "Do not attempt with small kids" ..

And so as a full time mom I can't afford to have my own strict sleeping schedule I figured I will improvise the Everyman cycle and if I get to sleep less than 6 hours a day I will find a time for a powernap later that day.

It took me 3 days to find a time for my first 20 min nap .. amazing how renewed I felt just after those 20 min of sleep :) but most days I couldn't fall asleep fast enough or one of the kids woke up earlier than I expected and woke me up in the middle of my power nap so I kind of stopped trying..
I will have to wait till september (when Oli will return to kindergarden from his summer vacation) to try this out for real .. till then I can't afford to run out of coffee, coca-cola and dark chocolate for the days when there is no quiet time for me...

Sweet dreams my friends ;)

"Plus it’s just plain weird. So naturally I want to try it. :)"
Everyman sleep cycle
4h sleep schedule

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