Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Alphabet wall!

Wall alphabet .. lovely, BIG, delicate, colorful letters ... I have been wanting to make my own a loooong time - and now I have IT!! my own version - Latvian one! :)

And the most important thing about mine is that the letters are detachable! :)

First there was an empty bedroom wall that needed something special, and an idea about letters ... and Oli was listening to Funny Alphabet - latvian song - enjoy ;)

Then I got superproductive (insert evil grin smiley here) and found wooden alphabet letters in ebay  .. and a bit later made a customized order :) they were amazing and made everything as I had envisioned. 

Then came the hard part and I had to actually attach them to the wall ... first time was a complete disaster and during the first night all letters fell right down :D but I didn't give up and found a glue gun in my cupboards. bought another 3m of velcro tape and glued them hard!

I love the result :)
Although I think that after a while I will paint some of them or maybe crochet over so they look even more customized and fun :)
And my baby boy loves to take them off and put them back again. He can only get to two bottom rows for now, but the most important letter is there so all is well.

Can you guess witch of the letters he prefers the best?
No it's not O or Z or T ... it's L!!! 
He uses it as GUN! and runs around shooting stuff :D
I should have foreseen this and ordered an L that has round edges ... o, well next time ..
Happy crafting! ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!
      brauciet ciemos apskatīt dzīvajā ;)

    2. Ja Edžus spētu/patiktu nosēdēt mašīnā, tad varētu :D Redzēs kā mums ies ar mazo tripu šajā wīkendā. Ja viss ok, tad varbūt ar garāku drusku varam saplānot :)

  2. Super ideja! Brīnos, ka Latvijā tādi jau gatavi nav nopērkami.