Wednesday, May 28, 2014

fast summer pants :)

Found this ridiculously easy summer pants sewing tutorial!
and wanted to share this brilliance of simplicity :)

First time I tried to sew them though the measurements failed me and I found out that my butt is BIG :D
So next time I tried to sew these summer pants instead of measuring my waist I measured my hips just to be sure the pants will cover it. And fabric width should not be 3/4 of this measurement but rather 5/4 ... just because you loose some "waist" length making the crotch. and it is a lot easier to cut off some fabric then add it on ;)

It took me 2 days of my baby girls nap times to finish the pants but it was totally worth it!!!
and believe it or not - it really is THAT simple to make a summer pants :)
Says the person who hadn't used the sewing machine in ages - that is saying something!

finished pants laid flat
finished pants on me
the pants are now in washing machine and they will definitely need a date with electric iron after that but I just couldn't wait to show off :D

o and I did some more alterations ...
Instead of ribbons to tie the pants I used elastic band ... for me this seemed better so I don't have to worry about the ribbons untying accidentally in the middle of the street :)

I like that they look like I am wearing skirt. and they are very comfy!

and here are another pants selfie ->

apparently not only I have BIG butt
but short legs too ;D

..and I am thinking of making shorts and one pair like harem pants too :)
Happy crafting!

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