Monday, May 19, 2014

not so pink couch

For past 7 years pink couch has been there for me in good times and bad .. but lately I had neglected to call it pink because it had been stained so badly and was pink just in my memories.. so he* had a makeover and from now on will look like this!
* yes he! .. it feels weird to call my sweet pink couch as "it" ..

Down the memory lane ...
The pink couch was the first furniture I bought with my own money for myself! (I moved from dorm in completely empty apartment - it was bliss! but after first night I spent sleeping on the floor I was ready to spend more than half of my paycheck to buy the best couch ever!)

So he was there for me when I first got my own place :)

He was there for me for the cosy alone time as well as fun time with my friends.

He was there for me through a lot of changes - we have been together in at least 4 places we both call home :)

He was there for me when I battled all day "morning sickness" for both of my babies. Thank god I couldn't find any pictures of my and the couch from that period :) some things are better to be left unseen ...

He was there for Oli when he started to walk holding on to things ...

Here Oli is almost seven months old and just learning to stand holding on to things ... and the couch is still pink but not for long ... those toddlers can be quite messy! :D

He was there for me and my crafty adventures..

And a lot of other happy occasions that haven't been caught by camera..

He has been here for us and it was finally time to be there for him. I struggled with the decision for a while .. tried washing it, dry cleaning didn't work either but finally I had to admit that my buddy needed new wardrobe.. I got a fabric I liked and sew it on so we could look each other in the eye and make even more happy memories :)

Sam and grandpa :)

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