Tuesday, August 20, 2013

recipe: chicken n' cheese!

I will tell you how to make my family's favourite sauce! :)
It takes less than an hour to make and there will be enough for at least four people (depends on how hungry you are and how much you usually eat).
For me it tastes better with rice, but my husband prefers potatoes.. actually it is really good with buckwheat or pasta too.

1 or 2 chicken fillets (depends on how much meet you'll want)
400g cream cheese ( in Latvia the clear choice is "Dzintars" for all of you who doesn't live here .. well I just hope you have something similar in your stores too)
200g champignions
1 paprica
2 tomatoes (I chose the yellow tomatoes just to make the sauce colorful)
a bit of salt, pepper and a teaspoon of cooking oil too

cutting board
big frying pan
wooden spoon

1st step
Wash all that needs to be washed.

2nd step
Cut the champignions in slices and put them on the frying pan. (yes they need to be crowded!)

3rd step
Cut the chicken fillet in to small pieces and put them in the frying pan next to champignions. Almost forgot - keep the lid on, always.

4th step
Cut the paprika and put it in the frying pan when chicken is ready (has turned white).

5th step
cut the tomatoes.

6th step
Put the cheese in.

7th step
When cheese has melted finally put in the tomatoes.

8th step
Enjoy the baking for two more minutes and VOALA!

Bon appétit!

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