Thursday, June 20, 2013

progressreport - BigBrightBlanket :)

More than half done!
I now have two corners and a vision where the other two should be :) I love this blanket already!!!
Few close-ups too :) for the love of details..

And here the latest links of inspiration:
Here is the previous links of inspiration, just in case you were wondering ;)

And we are off to my grandmas for midsummer festival (called Jāņi) with my family. I think in Latvia midsummer festival is bigger than Christmas, well at least for me. no presents for everybody, just enjoying one another in the wilderness :) singing and dancing all night through ... warming up by the bonfire, eating cheese ..
If you are interested here is a bit more about this in wikipedia. But if you want to trully understand the magic and experience it you should come visit! ;)


  1. Wow, it's getting so big!!!
    Hope you have a lovely festival!!
    Kate :}

    1. Thank you Kate! It was great festival and a vonderfull 2week vacation all around Latvia. I love my country!
      about the blanket - it's gonna be huge! :D I still can't believe it's grown so much ...

  2. Lynnette Knight15/10/13 21:01

    Wow!!! That is an awesome afghan!! Great job!!