Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Shawl in the making

I call it Happy because it's supposed to bring joy to 5 wonderful ladies :)
It was a Facebook giveaway of sorts .. you get one gift and you yourself give 5 gifts spreading the joy all around :)

So I figured who doesn't love a colorful shawl made with love :)
I call them Shawls because I like how it sounds although they are more like cowls because I make a small shawl and join parts of it to make a circle scarf so it resembles wild west neckerchief of sorts :)

I have made this kind of shawlycowl before and pattern can be found on ravelry.

This post is mainly about the transformation from shawl to cowl .. read further if you are interested ;)

On the last row of your shawl figure out how much you should crochet together so that shawl can be easily put on over head.

And then its quite simple.
This last row consists of double crochet, chain and repeat, double crochet, chain (or single crochet in between shells). So I do the double crochet as always but instead of chain stitch I slip stitch over the other half.

And when it comes to single crochet I crochet both sides of shawl together as well. I hope you can see that in the next picture.

Then when I have crocheted sides together I slip stitch one more, turn and single crochet around the edge hiding all the yarn ends (this time I had a bunch but if you didn't change your yarn every row you have none or at least less)

and it's ready :)

Happy crafting!

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