Monday, January 04, 2016


Happy New Year!!!
have you already finalized your NY resolutions?

I like the one I made last year so I am gonna stick with it ;)

And as the kids are growing I am getting at least 6 hours of good night sleep every night I am hopeful I'll be able to do more :)
By more I mean I should actually finish up some of my wip's .. and call 2016 the year of finished projects :)
And to start this year with good omen I will finish this drafted blogpost about dreamcatchers ;)

I picked flower pattern from ravelry that represented the look I wanted to create in my dreamcatcher..
here are some on the go pics :)

I did stick with pattern till about 3 rows till end and after did more of the web thingies adding 1 extra chain each round. (I hope this makes sense)

Then I took electric wire to make a hoop ... yes I know wooden hoop would have been nicer, but o well, next time :P and then I crocheted and styled strings from the same variagated yarn with various beads, loved this part but I never thought it would take sooooo much time! (same or more than the middle piece!)

Btw, I made them as surprise christmas presents. In our family only the kids till 15 get about a gazillion christmas presents everyone else comes with one present to the party and we make a lottery, sing a christmas song pick a number and find your present. I was lucky enough to get my own!

Have a crafty year you too!


  1. How lovely!! I need this year to be the year of finished projects too!!
    Happy New Year!
    Kate :}

    1. Thank you! and may we both have the good sense to keep our NYs resolutions ;) Happy this year to you too :*