Saturday, January 09, 2016

Tiny elf stocking

This happened about two months ago ...

Sam's kindergarden teacher calls me in the middle of the day .. I almost had a heart attack in those few seconds, million thoughts entered my mind about some pretty crazy scenarios what could have gone wrong (from simple sleeplessness and crankiness to meteorite crushing) ... as a mom herself she starts conversation saying "everything is OK, do not worry!" and only hen "hello!" :D
she had noticed my obvious crochet obsession (I had crocheted there in waiting room while Sam finishes her lunch or washes her hands ... ) and asked me If I could make tiny stockings for all of the kids to hang by their lockers and greet with candy in the morning - what a nice idea - obviously I was hooked! 

First I tried to crochet one, but after two hours I still had nothing or rather I had something that didn't look cute at all so I frogged it with no regrets and turned to my sewing machine :)

this is what I made :)

If you would like to know more, read ahead.
Mistakes I made: 
  1. I draw tiny elf stocking with marker on the right side of fabric (or rather an old jumper);
  2. I cut out two tiny elf stockings (with gauge thank god) and then tried to sew them together (quite hard to move that tiny stocking to sew on the lines);
  3. I used one template and jet those tiny elf stockings came out looking quite different (I should practice more often). 
Good things that came out of that:
  1. I now have a fabric template of this stocking;
  2. For the next 9 stockings I took both sleeves draw only one sided booties and sew with plenty of fabric to ease those curves;
  3. I got to know my sewing machine a lot :)
  4. kids loved the candy I loved how it looked on their lockers ...

lot more pictures coming up ...

Happy crafting!!!

p.s. inspiration ;)

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