Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Pinwheel Block

Variation from original block I made a year ago (Scrappy Rug: Pinwheel Block)

This time I'm using just 2 yarns for each block :)
and we will be following same old scheme but this time I'm only doing first 8 rows (because I need these blocks to come out same size as 4round granny square would :) ).

Sooo .. lets just start by picking one dark and one light yarn.


Making the square

1st row is rather uninteresting .. made just in the darker shade yarn.

on 2nd row it gets better - we add light colour (new colour is added in the middle of the stitch to make next stitch prettier, also dark yarn tail that we will be bringing to next side will stay lower).

Crocheting middle dc's with bright yarn make sure you are working over dark yarn! when white part is done, switch to dark again - leave white yarn "hanging" - do NOT crochet over it.

3rd row shows the trick of bringing UP light yarn.

when you make last dark stitch of this side make sure you make that stitch over the light yarn, also that is the stitch you are changing from dark to light so do that ;)

! Same as for previous this and all the rows to come - while crocheting middle dc's with bright yarn make sure you are working over dark yarn! when white part is done, switch to dark again - leave white yarn "hanging" - do NOT crochet over it.

& after you just keep repeating same thing ...

next trick - JOINING!

This looks neat - so let's do that :)

If your new square has to be joined ↓ with the rugged side like mine - you have to start your new square either on the same magic circle as the previous square or immediately after forming new magisc circle sl st join to the first one.

You should start your new square from backside of the work ...
(this works for even number row squares!)

The trick for neat joining this time is replacing usual slip stitches with pulling yarn loop trough the join and making one ch. After proceed to square making as usual.

At the end of row pull yarn through, ch 3, turn your work, pull yarn through again, ch 1 and proceed with the row.

Few more pictures showing the same thing ..

And for joining nice sides I suggest this joining version witch includes pulling loop through each stitch from the other square .. (i couldn't remember the name of this join method, but if you do know it please tell me ;) )

Neat, right!?
I do hope you will join me and show off your squares soon ;)

Happy crafting!

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