Friday, March 27, 2020

Granny Square tribute blanket

Granny square tribute blanket made one cool square at a time!

It all started with LOVE sign inspired by Hunters Design Studio that i sort of free-formed using basic knowledge of solid granny square, my own Granny Diamond (the solid long one :D ) and the same joining i used for my triangular madness triangles, as well as plain stripes that formed E :) joined each letter with flat zipper method and was happily surprised they all did fit together just perfect
.. and so the middle piece was born :)

Then #grannysquareday2019 rocked it's way and Granny in a granny square was born - obviously I had to make one. Huge thank you to the amazing Natalie ( @sewing_the_seeds_of_love ) for dreaming this one up!
& with few tweaks of the original pattern I made a grandpa too so granny wouldn't be lonely :)

And then super talented Pony ( Pony McTate ) asked for testers for her amazing Toadstoolsquare and I was one of the lucky ones to get to do that - so i made one - isn't this toadstool simply fabulous! :)

No Granny square tribute blanket would be complete with at least one simple good old granny square so I made that one too :D

And back in 2011 when i was expecting my first baby I reminded myself how to do crafty things and one of cool people I found way back then was Kate ( Signed with an Owl ) with her amazing "Squaring BIG circle" tutorial - what I find extremely cool is that everything there looks granny style :)

Do you see that gap between Love sign and cool green squares? yes that one .. i saw it too and remembered mini heart granny square and it did fit! :)

About the same time my boy was kicking my ribs I realised I LOVE crochet so I designed LacyGrannySquare and now 8 years later I just had to add it to the fold :)

In autumn of 2019 #grannysquaresourcebook was released and for the first time EVER I decided to buy a crochet book (huge for me) and surprise surprise - I love it - so i made a few squares from it as well :) so a few fancy squares where in order :) 

So the cool squares from book:

And quite a bit more will be made and already are being made for the next stage of this Granny Square Tribute Blanket so lets see where this adventure brings me :) (some of them I have already shown on my instagram )

Happy Crafting you lovely lot ;)

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