Tuesday, June 05, 2018

LovelyCAL: part 6

This post was supposed to be all about the arrangement .. but now after rereading all I've written in a spur of a moment I must say there is way more about joining than arrangement .. well i suppose i will keep talking about joining and arrangement in next post too .. but read further yourself & I hope this will be a useful one 😉 
So here it comes ...
The perfect arrangement is hard to come by even if you don't have such a cute little helper 😜

.. and crazy ideas are bobbling in your own head ..
these two next pictures will show you other joining possibilities that would work, only for those I haven't made half-parts, so i would advise you not to pick any of these :P even tough they do look very inviting ..

  • this one would need 3 round hexies in the gaps
  • this one is similar to previous one only without the gaps ;)

Both of them would be missing some heart parts for edge ... i've shown you where ready made heart parts would fit, and there are quite a few variations we didn't have to worry about for our layout :)

Well i did manage to find a time for just me to play with hearts and find a place for each of the hearts i've made ;)
Yes, yes - i had that colouring scheme and i did colour quite a few, but I prefer playing with the real deal. :)

In the colouring scheme this looked like a square ... in real life it looks more like a rectangle .. but the worst part is I've already started joining and it somehow grows more vertically than horizontally 😆 (so I might just make one extra heart in each row ...)
I will show you how to start joining - because who could ever wait two more weeks after figuring out the perfect arrangement! 😜

Few steps to clarify how continuous join as you go will be done this time:

1. We will be copying last row of the heart we are currently working around (or heart part, not the last row of the pattern but actual row of the heart), only difference - instead of dc we will be making bpdc (back post double crochet).
So this cornerpiece starts with bpdc around first dc (looks like dc, but that's just because it's on the edge), bpdc around next dc, ch because there is ch on the heart part, bpdc around next 2 sts, ch ... and repeat till the end of part.

2. For edge. When you have made last bpdc, make first bpdc for next part. for the side that is meant to be attached ch is replaced by sl st.

3. When you have to turn away from previous part, in last ch sp make sc, not sl st (it will be usefull later ;) ). altough you could easily make all of joining ch into sc not sl st ...

4. For me it is easier put parts on knitting needles in the order I'll need them when joining - that way they wont get lost that easily ..

5. First full hearts row .. starts pretty much the same, but there are 2 tricky points - you might have guessed ;) right in the middle of the long side there are .. hmm .. knots (not really but for the lack of better word right now, let's call them that) .. bpdc around them as well AND use ch sp from other part to join (this sounds weird, I know .. but that is why there are loads of pictures)

6. And now you see why I suggested sc instead of sl st when heart parts parted their ways :D
now we can use sc to sl st into and woala!

7. Same for other hearts long side knot ...

8. And sc on parting ways ..

9. And as this time we have full row of hearts at the end of a row keep going around heart ;)

10. In the V part of heart make bpdc over sc (you'll have 5 bpdc in a row)

11. When you're in V part between hearts make sc in top of previous rows joining peak (space between bpdc's)

12. At the end of the row crochet around all heart and sl st in bpdc. Fasten off for now ;)

And thats pretty much all I could think to tell you .. I might not have anything new to tell you in two weeks ... 🙊
If there is something unclear - ask - and I will answer as best as I can 😉

Happy crafting!

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