Wednesday, June 20, 2018

LovelyCAL: part 7

I've revised the colouring page & made the layout I think I will actually stick with ..

Yes, yes - I know i'm missing the top corners - but I'll probably make them during the night and will add when joining last row .. because it is rather hard to keep THE layout on the floor and not get it destroyed by the tinyone :D (and yes - I will put all the hearts on long knitting needles to keep them in right order. I start at bottom right corner, so first row of parthearts are taken from right to left side. all the other rows will get added starting from LEFT to RIGHT side ;) )

And yes I did frog the joined hearts BUT I will rejoin them once more the same way I did before and have written about in part 6! .. I hope I'll have a quiet joining time soon .. & same for you too ;)

so the NEW and improved layout scheme/colouring page ->

& next update about joining will come some time in the middle of july ..
& I've added some more explanation for Hexiheart, aka part 1

Happy crafting, lovely people!

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