Monday, May 21, 2018

LovelyCAL: part 5

Stop. Think! Listen ...

Have you heard that saying: Each day spend an hour in nature, if you are really really busy - two.

Yesterday I was running around like a squirrel and going crazy because I couldn't figure out few things I was suppesed to (I'll just skip the boring details) .. got mad, ate waaaay too much chocolate and then I dropped everything and just stopped. Plain stopped for almoust 24 hours, forced myself to enjoy downtime and at the end I did :) and after - miracle happened - in about half an hour of productiveness I figured out all of those things that bugged me before! (now I just have to do them :D but the crazy part is over)

So - weave in ends and enjoy it! It is good for you to have some down time! and weaving ends is really good downtime, that still counts as crafting 😜 And if you get to do it outside it should be real nice - that's where the magic happens - it was for me because I live in that part of the world that has spring now..

We are so close to finishing our Lovely blankets now - I have started to play with my hearts because I never like the real colours versus painted ones .. real difference! in my opinion the one who starts selling yarn and precisely THAT colour felt tip pens will be gazzillionaire overnight 😁

as I wrote all that ↑ last week I already have done all my weaving 😏

Go SLOW, be nice to yourself - and weave in those ends 😉

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