Friday, September 21, 2018

Lovely CAL: part 10

That last pompom ...
one tiny thing and a rainbow of emotions .. but for most part joy that Sam will get her blanket finally :)

Have you ever finished project and felt like "why so soon" .. even tough it took me half a year I love these hearts so much I want to make more ... ♡
Secret - I will :D I've already started two more heart blankets - one you've already seen on part 2 (aka, that other kind of joining).. and the other one is even more of a secret than that - so shh :P

Here is frontside and backside all in one picture :) just because ..

And here my tiny one is having fun on her sisters blanket as I try to take pictures of it :D

And the last one just for those of you who might be interested to see how it looks in direct sunlight - pretty much changes everything - right? :)

Happy crafting!
p.s. I'll be adding some more posts under lovely CAL sign showing more things you can do with these hearts ;)


  1. I appreciate from this blog post thanks for sharing this post with us. Its seems looking so good.
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  2. I have looked but I can't find a working link to this pattern and I just love it. Could you email it to me.

    1. HI :)
      You are now on last post about LovelyCAL hearts.. all pattern is available free trough 10 posts and 2 addendums .. OR if you would prefer it in a pdf format then go to ;)