Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Breakfast treat :)

This is one special morning - our BabyBoy Oliver is already one week old!
For this special day I have made something special for our breakfast ... lets call it a waffled egg :)
It took me less than 10min to whip it up.
Well I have to admit it, I just threw things together... I bought the waffles, warmed up white chocolate, poured it onto the waffle (It takes up loads of chocolate, because of the big waffle holes) and put an apricot half in the middle :)
And this is Oliver just few hours old smiling in hospital (and it doesn't metter that it is unconscious smile I am still the happiest new mom in the world)
And of course the baby boots I crocheted earlier didn't fit ... but it is so warm already that I decided not to crochet a new bigger pair but just enjoy looking at my wonder, he is so adorable!!!

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