Friday, April 19, 2013

part 1: the pieces of old jeans

I have been collecting all our jeans so I can someday make a quilt out of them. a quilt for picnics and some lazy moments in our garden :)
And thanks to my NewYears resolution I have finally started it! This is gonna be quite a simple one, but for the first one - simple is what I need! :)

This is part one - I am organizing my pile of old jeans into a tower of neatly cut squares.
I got 32 squares out of the first jeans but only 25 out of the second .. I am planning that I will need 400 so thats at least 15 more pants ... now, I am afraid to count the jeans in the pile .. what if there is not enough?

I love the shades of blue in the squares .. they look so different! and to think that these come from one pair of pants! I am not showing you the pile of jeans because it's well hidden in the closet but I am gonna tell you that although most of jeans indeed are blue - I have some more interesting colors too (red, brown, green, purple, grey).
I can't wait the next part with the rearranging of the squares - I know for a fact that will be fun! but I am a bit scared of the next part after that - the sewing .. because I don't think my Old Betty (my sewing machine that I got as a housewarming present from my mom. it is actually older than I am!) can handle it .. well - we'll see ;)

Happy crafting!

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