Thursday, April 24, 2014

Today my baby boy turned two!
It feels like I am on a high speed train .. and everything flies by too fast .. how come I don't feel any older and wiser?

For all kind of different reasons he has been avoiding kindergarden so we have spent loads of time playing games .. it means no progress in my crafty endeavors but loads of fun and smiles from my little man :)

I made this in his nap and thought I take a picture of him happily destroying it, but it all went down a little too fast :D
he sent a giant bomb (the ball used in pilates) on the "Olivertown" and that was the end of my hard work :D

I loved playing with legos when I was a kid *(still do actually) and hope my boy will soon find out that building stuff is more interesting that crushing it down ... but for now the game of Godzilla in the grand city of legos is totally appropriate and fun.

He likes the hide and seek, although his hidingplaces are wery noticeable and he prefers to jump out and "surprise" me .. I like this game a lot :)
He likes to throw things .. and to climb (I am always checking where he could climb up .. possibilities are endless especially when we visit someone) .. we do a lot of car racing and snuggles and we try to make our TV time special too and watch old Disney movies ... Aladdin is our favorite! although we love the Beauty and the beast too. mainly because of the singing. so we watch and dance and sometimes sing along :D

This is such a great time to BE!
Happy day to you too! ☆

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