Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shopping list..

Good morning :)

Today my kids pushed me out of bed at 6 am .. apparently the bed is not big enough for the four of us .. now I am stuck in the corner watching them sleep just to make sure those little cute monsters doesn't fall off ... I kinda wish we were still sleeping on the mattress in the middle of a room (like 2 years ago) not on our beautiful bed (witch was handmade by my hubby) because then I could make coffee or sleep in this very corner not worrying about the kids falling off the bed ...

But there is a bright side to this - I have FREE time to DO stuff on my mac (which is quite rare).

I have wanted to share my shopping list on the fridge for a while even made the pictures of it a week ago.

In general, it is not a new idea, I think most of you do this or something like this.
The thing that makes it special is using the receipt from previous shopping as a space to draft the next shopping list.
I used to cut a strips of paper out of old notebooks etc but this is SO much easier! :)

simple and effective! :)

+ I make a shopping list for the BIG shopping of the week although I do buy milk and other small things more than once a week. So I will never run out of receipts! :D

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