Thursday, October 20, 2016

in celebration of 5k followers on instagram ❀ ✩ ✿ ✾ ✫ ❃ ✺ ✭ ❇ ✰ ❈ ✬ ❊ ❉ ☆ ✱ ✲ ★

I organised a giveaway for free patterns over instagram to say huge thank you to all of my wonderful supporters there :)
5k still seems quite impossible but fluttering :)

I wasn't planning to write about it here but i made time lapse video of how I picked the lucky ones and it was too short to post on instagram .. :D so I decided to share here instead so everyone knows it was fate that picked the lucky ladies ;)

Well if you have seen the video you still have no proof because apparently less then 2 sec video (in MB it is even smaller than any of my pictures :D) must be processed to something that is just a blurr :D I should have made a real video (next time I will be smarter!) and this time you just have to believe what I say :P

btw, the patterns they picked where:
Triangular Madness - the pattern that got me in this designing business in the first place :)
Honey Comb Variations - the pattern that showed me that I can actually finish blankets! 

Happy crafting!

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