Saturday, August 22, 2020

Geometric Granny squares

I'm excited!
As this was one of my most liked photos on instagram this august I figured I should share how I made these geometric beauties :) 
These granny squares come out same size as original 7 round granny square.

Top left

It still needs to be properly written down .. but for those of you who understand crochet from half a word - I made half a granny square and then added rows on top of it. First row was 3 sc in each sp, second row in same colour was ch 3, skip 3 sts (to make 45 angle). Then dc in next 3 sts, ch 1, skip one st (repeat till there are 4 sts left till end). Skip 3 sts, make dc in corner for other 45 angle. And after thet you just make each granny row a bit shorter.

Top Right

This one is simple - make four 4 row granny square halves and join them as you go. 
after that make dc border (i made 2 dc's in each space and 1 in row joining points as I thought it looks neater this way)

Bottom Left

Inspired by Geometric granny square form Granny Square Month CAL 2019. Although I found it hard to follow instructions so I made it my way .. 
First I made two 1/8 th's of granny square (8 rows) and joined them as i go - that makes the colourful half granny square. And then I made half a granny square on top of already made half. (I joined odd rows  to the spaces and even rows to the joining points .. if this does not make sense - you will have to wait till I get some time to write and photograph it properly)

Bottom right

Is this years coolest new square on the block by @hellomooncrochet square 18 from Granny Square Month CAL 2020 

The only thing I changed here was the size as I was attempting to make each square same size as 7round granny square :) and it looks just fabulous!

That's it for today ..
Please tell me if those vague instructions work for you or if you would like some more explanations, instructions and photos ;)

Happy crafting!

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