Friday, December 11, 2020

Pattern release: Spin Your Hexagon

Mesmerising pattern of intertwined hexagons creates an impressive blanket!

This blanket and many more great projects was first published in Simply Crochet Issue 98!

Blanket is made up of 140 Spinning Hexagon Motifs and 28 Half Hexagon Motifs. The Spinning Hexagons are made up of two hexagon shapes, which are sewn together using the tails. Each Spinning Hexagon Motif uses four colours.

& Now SpinYourHexagon blanket is available as pdf tutorial on etsy and ravelry :)

New FUN way of making hexagons! These intertwining hexagons are perfect for wedding anniversaries and shoving your special ones the infinity of your love ;)

Here is a pattern for you - pdf consists of 17 pages including:

* written instructions (two separate files! one with US and one with UK crochet terms),

* chart,

* color page,

* and lot of step by step pictures!


And if after reading and trying out you have any additional questions - contact me and I will try to answer you as soon as possible ;)

I enjoyed making the blanket and pattern - I hope you will enjoy it too ;)

So go and get this pattern on etsy or ravelry and spin your own hexies with style ;)

Happy crafting!

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