Saturday, January 12, 2013

The gifts of pay-it-forward-giveaway

Jesus himself said "It is more blessed to give than to receive" and I have tested his hypothesis through my PayItForwardGiveaway (if you are interested -> announcement and winners) :) 
I found it very rewarding to make the presents and it was so exciting to wait for reaction on the other end!
The hardest part was to hide what I am making .. have to admit I have become a bit obsessed  with instagramm and for almost 2 weeks I wasn't allowed to share my crafty endeavors not to spoil the surprise ..
SO FINNALLY when I am sure that most of you (one lonely hedgehog is still sitting in a box waiting for an address .. although I think that I may just be merciful and let him out to play with my babyboy) have already received the gifts so I will show some pictures of the lot just before the walk to post office.

The moments when I saw the hedgehogs in their new homes made my heart jump, and for a while after I felt like floating on a cloud... such a happy feeling! This is why everyone should do a giveaway at least once ;)
I think that after a while I would love to do another one :)
p.s. If there comes such a time I hope I will be smart enough not to do it just before Christmas .. line in post office wasn't welcoming ..

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